It is wise to speak your truth quietly and clearly. A calm mind is a healthy mind. Having a calm mind is being able to choose how to react. Choose to be calm.  It is an option. It's never enough to look at a thing once - always try a different perspective.

Yoga Therapy


The intention of yoga therapy is to clear blockages of energy that have accumulated from recent challenges or over the course of a lifetime.

Blocked energy can be experienced as anxiety, stress, worry, feeling out of balance, sadness and can be seen in all areas of life: physically, emotionally, relationally, financially, professionally.

By clearing the body, mind, and spirit in a compassionate way, an increased awareness occurs, and this brings balance into one’s life. Yoga therapy helps to manage how one feels and therefore how one engages in life.

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“I needed to rewrite the way I live my life. The breathing techniques loosened up my head and I do not feel locked up with my thinking. I function better, The tension around my head and body melt away. I’m in control of my body and I can control the intensity of what I feel.”

~K.R., High-level Professional who suffered a stroke

“Nancy’s guided meditation was sublime. She masterfully used the power of positive imagery to weave a common theme thread throughout the entire explorative inward journey. Her voice was soothing, warm and melodic and her cadence and timing near perfect. I felt physically and emotionally supported and safe during this meditation experience and came away feeling relaxed and at peace.”

~ Anne Hungerford, Owner / Teacher, ah Yoga & Wellness Center, New Preston, CT

“Two years ago, my childhood neighbor heard about my cancer diagnosis and immediately sent me breathing exercises to help me through my ordeal. That neighbor was Nancy Sharp and I am forever grateful for her thoughtfulness, help and guidance. The breathing techniques allowed me to master my fears during chemotherapy and especially during a lot of scary tests and facing a lot of large, frightening machines. I am cancer free and credit Nancy’s breathing exercises with helping maintain my sanity during recovery!”

~ B.A.D., Breast Cancer Survivor