It is wise to speak your truth quietly and clearly. A calm mind is a healthy mind. Having a calm mind is being able to choose how to react. Choose to be calm.  It is an option. It's never enough to look at a thing once - always try a different perspective.


certified hypnotherapist ctHypnotherapy is a supportive intervention used to create and reinforce healthy productive behaviors, thoughts and habits.

Through the use of suggestions aimed at the subconscious mind, behaviors such as anxiety and stress, chronic pain, migraines, insomnia, and many others can be made more manageable or altogether eliminated.

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“After my first hypnotherapy session I immediately noticed how calm and at peace I felt. This feeling lasted for a long time and continues with the use of the techniques I have learned to support that calm. Now, at night, I sometimes lie awake thinking about my next day at work. When this occurs, I think about the things I envisioned in my first hypnotherapy session and concentrate on my breathing, and the next thing I know, I’m waking up in the morning, feeling relaxed.”

~R.F., Tired and Stressed Human Resources Staffing Specialist

“I wanted the rest of my life to be different. I have lived relationally oppressed by my own doing for so long. It became time to take charge. Talk therapy alone was helpful but was not enough to bring about the change I needed and wanted. The breathing techniques and the hypnotherapy opened up what was closed for a long time. I’ve been in my own prison for a long time. I kept myself locked up. I thought it would be scary to open myself up but there is relief. I feel less anxiety and I am more calm and less afraid to develop relationships and pursue new goals and move forward in my life. With Nancy’s support she has made this safe for me to explore and do.”

~L.P., High-level Professional

“I had lost myself and my life, I was hopeless and isolated. The hypnotherapy has definitively helped me to experience fewer and less severe migraines along with the other techniques Nancy has taught me. I feel like I have some of my life back. The coaching is helping me figure out what to do with that.”

~S.B., Severe migraine sufferer