It is wise to speak your truth quietly and clearly. A calm mind is a healthy mind. Having a calm mind is being able to choose how to react. Choose to be calm.  It is an option. It's never enough to look at a thing once - always try a different perspective.

Life Balance Programs

Meaningful work and a balanced life are deep-rooted human needs. They can be repressed or ignored, but sooner or later they’re going to assert themselves.”
~Barbara Ehrenreich

Nancy offers Life Balance Programs and VIP Intensives of varying lengths.
These time-sensitive Signature Systems are for those who suffer from stress, overwhelm and a lost sense of purpose. All of these programs offer effective tools – and how to use them step-by-step – which allow clients to quickly discover and experience improved health, relationships, finances and happiness.

When the ‘status quo’ is simply NOT enough any longer, Nancy will help you discover how to make your life meaningful, profitable and aligned with your passion and purpose.

Nancy offers these programs  via telephone, Telehealth or FaceTime.

Mastering the Energy of Money™ VIP Intensive

Program details: 2 month wealth psychology program identifying, understanding and creating harmony with your money blindspots.

These can be noticed in the following ways:

Physically as anxiety, headaches, high blood pressure, chronic pain or fatigue
Relationally with others or with yourself because you are not feeling on top of your game; you may isolate because you do not have enough energy to connect
Professionally as lack of focus, not feeling ambitious or enthusiastic, having thoughts and concerns about your performance level
Financially as job security issues, feeling that you have hit glass ceiling income, stopped trying, overspending
Emotionally as worry, resentment, sadness, anxiety

Mastering the Energy of Money VIP Intensive will help you:

• Demystify the money process
• Eliminate anxiety and stress around money and its impact on your relationships
• Plan wisely for the future
• Gain clarity on your decisions in all areas of your life and on your financial goals
• Become organized and disciplined with your money management

Bringing It Back to Balance™ Yoga Therapy VIP Intensive

Program details: 2 hour program learning techniques offering a rebalancing and acceleration plan so you can more fully realize your unique personal goals. When active with this approach experience clearly shows this program has far reaching results so you can get what you want out of life.

This VIP Intensive is for people who:

• Feel tapped-out
• Are not sure how they can keep up the punishing pace of their life
• Feel out of balance, stressed, isolated
• Are frustrated because the status quo is just not enough any longer

You will learn:

• A simple approach to focus, and begin to renew and regain control of your life
• Time-sensitive practical hands-on holistic tools which encompass breathing, visualization and active movement
• Begin to bring life back into balance

Clear the Path to Better Living™ 

Program details: 2 month program of either yoga therapy or clinical hypnotherapy, as your specific need indicates.

This is a good choice if you are experiencing one or more of the following:

• Stress
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Panic
• Chronic pain or headaches
• Fears
• Compulsions
• Resistance or blocks to moving forward
• Post-traumatic stress

Love Your Life in 90 Days (or less!)™ .

Program details: 3 month program integrating psychotherapy, yoga therapy, and clinical hypnotherapy, as your specific need indicates.

If you are looking to quickly eliminate resistance, improve your health, relationships and happiness and get away from feeling stuck or in pain, this is the program for you.

In 90 days, I’ll take you through a multimodal approach that will reduce or remove blocks to moving forward, increase your focus and happiness and help you regain a sense of balance and control once again.

This customized program of holistic solutions combined with success training and coaching will give you the tools to recharge when you most need them and point you in the direction you’ve been seeking.

This program includes email access to me.

Energize Your Life: A Step by Step Blueprint for Living with Passion™

Program details: 6 month program integrating psychotherapy, yoga therapy, clinical hypnotherapy, and wealth psychology to gain clarity about the general direction you want to take in your life.

Imagine waking each day with joy and purpose because you KNOW what you are meant to be doing with your life.

Imagine feeling like you are making a difference in the world.

Imagine having a blueprint that clearly shows you what steps to take to accomplish your most desired goals.

Imagine having the focus and energy that make you unstoppable.

With your own unique goals (whether brand new or repurposed), I’ll teach you how to use your newly found strength, energy and focus to put a plan into action to accomplish those goals.

This program includes TWO VIP Intensive Sessions and email access to me.

Break Free And Love Your Life: Breakthrough for Accomplished Executives and Professionals™

Program details: A customized 12 month program integrating psychotherapy, yoga therapy, clinical hypnotherapy and wealth psychology to identify, understand and create a happier, less stressful, more joyful life. I will walk with you and guide you every step of the way to your own sense of the possible, to take personal initiative, to change, and to grow. I’ll show you how and where to apply the action steps that will help you achieve your goals. Then as you take these steps, I’ll help you evaluate your progress and make changes as needed in various areas of your life.

This program is designed for those who know they need to make specific changes in their lives but are having trouble doing so. They know intuitively that “more of the same” isn’t working. They want their lives to be different – very different – but they don’t know how or what to do to bring about such change. People are looking for more balance in their lives – to feel more alive to themselves and to others; to have a sense of healthy congruity; to feel a sense of forward movement and clear direction; to have more time for relationships; to feel free and in command of life.

• This holistic program is customized to each individual to identify and powerfully remove the barriers to change and to accelerate the process of fully realizing unique, personal goals. This program short-circuits and dramatically abbreviates the amount of time it takes to achieve real, tangible, and lasting results.

Includes unlimited email access to me, Four VIP Intensive sessions with me and four 15- minute ‘emergency’ calls. This program also includes additional bonuses and gifts to further support the process of fully realizing unique, personal goals.

Due to the intense private attention given to each participant of this 12 month program, only a select few clients are accepted each year.

Contact Nancy for more information on how a life balance program might be helpful for you. 


“You have helped me so much, I could cry. When I look back, I can’t believe I used to walk around with such deep pain. I feel so OK with myself now, so accepting.”

~R.M., Client whose unhappiness and lack of balance had her isolating from herself and from others

“My life was without direction. The different approaches keep me calm and focused. I now have an array of things I can do to bring myself relief and feel more hopeful. The coaching helps me figure out what my next step is, what I need to do more of so I can make decisions.”

~M.B., Executive seeking life direction change after a lifelong career

“The program helped me to discover ‘ This is who I am and this is what I do with that.’ “

~A.C., Mid-level educational professional

“As a Staffing specialist, for a very large school district, and being new to the position I was very stressed in many ways. I was looking for a way to deal with the stress, but obviously, in a healthy way. Another issue for me is that I do not handle confrontation well and I usually go quiet and cannot respond because I am taken by surprise by this behavior. As a decision maker I knew I needed to respond differently. So I decided to partner with Nancy as my expert guide to bring relief, rebalancing and resolution to my life. My first yoga therapy session brought me in touch with my body. Thinking about my breathing, emptied my mind of all the day’s stress and allowed me to actually see where my stress was located within my body. It allowed me to think more clearly so I could respond to situations more effectively and with confidence. I couldn’t believe how relaxing the breathing techniques could be and is easy to use at my desk at work. I realized that I have the tools to work through stress. I feel in control, confident, empowered. After my first hypnotherapy session I immediately noticed how calm and at peace I felt. This feeling lasted for a long time and continues with the use of the techniques I have learned to support that calm. Now, at night, I sometimes lie awake thinking about my next day at work. When this occurs, I think about the things I envisioned in my first hypnotherapy session and concentrate on my breathing, and the next thing I know, I’m waking up in the morning, feeling relaxed. I went from being tired and stressed before working with Nancy and her Love Your Life in 90 Days or Less ™ program to being less stressed, more confident and empowered. Nancy and her program gave me the tools that I can use anytime and for the rest of my life to help support me. I absolutely recommend and encourage working with her.”

~R.F., Tired and Stressed Human Resources Staffing Specialist

“I needed to rewrite the way I live my life. The breathing techniques loosened up my head and I do not feel locked up with my thinking. I function better, The tension around my head and body melt away. I’m in control of my body and I can control the intensity of what I feel.”

~K.R., High-level Professional stroke victim