It is wise to speak your truth quietly and clearly. A calm mind is a healthy mind. Having a calm mind is being able to choose how to react. Choose to be calm.  It is an option. It's never enough to look at a thing once - always try a different perspective.

Psychotherapy Associates & Center for Family Relations

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     We help individuals, couples, and families successfully achieve lasting change.     

Our Practice Philosophy

Psychotherapy Associates & Center for Family Relations is the therapy practice of Nancy Sharp and Bob Sharp. We are experienced, licensed psychotherapists whose expertise is the business of helping people help themselves. At every step of the way we partner with you to achieve this.

Our therapy services are based on a “systems” approach. What this means is that problems and solutions are often understood in the context of certain larger systems (such as the couple, the immediate or extended family, or the employer) that influence the client’s life. Experience shows that the best therapy identifies and works with the client’s personal strengths, beliefs and untapped resources. In so doing, change is achieved in a way that reflects the client’s motivations and efforts, that encourages greater self-reliance in responding to future challenges, and that is most likely to endure over time.

Take a moment to learn more about Nancy and Bob. We offer traditional psychotherapy and alternative therapy services such as yoga therapy as a component of the psychotherapy practice, hypnotherapy and life balance programs, all of which are individualized to respond to your specific needs.

Are you ready to move beyond “more of the same”? We can help.

Services are offered through Telehealth platform, Facetime or Telephonic.

To Contact Nancy –  203-232-0276.  To Contact Bob – 203-233-1842  You can always call us for information or contact us.

Certifications and Affiliations
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